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Ash Tree

Our Ash Trees Are Dying!! The Emerald Ash Borer is causing this. Signs of Ash trees being affected by the borer:

  • Thinning of the canopy -water sprouts ( many green shoots ) on the lower trunk

  • Heavy wood pecker activity indicated by flaking of the bark

  • Vertical splits in the tree’s bark (peeling bark)

  • S-shaped channels under the bark

  • D-shaped exit holes. These holes are approximately 1/8” wide


EZ Tree Services offers Stump Grind. Whether small stumps, large stumps, bushes or hedge rows. We will finish the job Safely. This includes marking of underground utilities. We offer removal of grindings, adding topsoil and grass seeding. Let EZ help you get your lawn back!

Tree Trimming
and Removal

EZ Tree Services can help evaluate if a tree is a hazard and we should remove the tree. We can let you know if we can apply corrective pruning and save trees. There are many reasons to trim trees. We can trim trees to grow away from your roof and home. We can trim them to let air pass through the trees, reducing the chance of broken limbs and uprooting. We remove dead limbs and wood from the trees. All the trimming that we offer is done in a safe manor for the health of the tree!! Let EZ keep your trees healthy!!

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